About Joegil

Joegil K. Lundquist spent many years working as a second grade teacher in an elementary school in Seattle. When she began teaching, she noticed that her students had difficulty pronouncing large words – especially those with Latin or Greek roots. In the second half of the school year she, began teaching Greek and Latin root words and shedding light on their connection to English. She had her students keep note cards with the root words on them – one root per card. She found that all of her students became more confident and less disruptive as they learned the “code” of deciphering English words that are related to these two ancient, significant languages.

Eventually, Ms. Lundquist took her classroom experience and brought all of the materials together into one book and a set of preprinted note cards and voila! English From the Roots Up was born! Since that time, EFTRU has grown to a second volume of Latin and Greek roots and there are two sets of cards.

If your child has difficulty sounding out and/or understanding compound words like “photosynthesis” or “claustrophobia”, EFTRU will cut through the difficulty and allow your child the satisfaction and enjoyment of an increased vocabulary. Even high school students experience higher SAT and ACT scores after using Ms. Lundquist’s books.

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